Reverend Two Eagles

Welcome family, friends, and visitors.
This is an unofficial home page
of the eastern Washington/northern Idaho band of the Zaishta people.

So just who the heck are the Zaishta, some of you might ask.
Well, we're a family, a clan, a band, a tribe.
The word itself is said to be an old Seneca dialect word
referring to mixed blood, mixed people, mixed traditions.

Our roots lie with those mixed breed communities
that sprang up around the edges of the Iroquois nations,
beginning even before the war between the colonists and the English.

From here you can learn about our church,
the Zaishta Church,
and the spiritual beliefs and practices of some of our folks.

I have been a professional astrologer for over twenty five years.
Click here for my Astrology For Spiritual Growth page,
where you'll be able to hook up with me
for an in depth analysis, from a spiritual perspective, of your natal chart.

Eventually we'll have links to pages of pictures of family, friends, and events,
and some family and friends' business activities.
In fact, here is a link to our friend Monroe's Wildlife Carvings.
There will also be pages of rants, raves, and philisophicality by your's truly.
Some of our Elders have some history and some traditional stories to offer us too.

Stay tuned. I'm still learning this stuff. We'll have more soon. Blessed Be

2006 Zaishta Church