Spiritual Growth

with Two Eagles

Astrology is one of the most ancient tools of humanity. Throughout human history many diverse cultures have closely observed the skies, and found meaning in the motions of the Moon and the planets. The patterns of these heavenly bodies have been observed to affect or reflect the natures of individual human beings as well as the natures of nations. Today's astrology builds on these ancient understandings, with an overlay of modern psychological thought.

In the past, the planets and the moon were thought to be gods and goddesses. Their positions and motions were thought to affect or even determine the nature of human lives. Modern science tells us that the planets are not gods and goddesses, and that their motions have no meaning for us as humans. But many of us know that the universe is a great living being, composed of lesser living beings, who in turn are composed of even lesser living beings, and so on. Just as we are composed of individual living cells that come together to form organs that are part of the greater whole of our bodies, we ourselves are cells of the greater living organism we call Mother Earth, and she is perhaps an organ of the greater living being, which we call the Solar System. Just as the time and place of the birth of individual cells within our own body can tell us much about the nature of that cell, the time and place of our own birth within the greater body of the solar system can tell us much of our own nature.

Rather than seeing the universe as cause and effect, I prefer to see the universe holographic, with the greater and lesser systems reflecting each other. Rather than seeing the positions of the planets as determining our own inner nature, I prefer to see the positions and relationships of the planets as reflecting the nature and relationships of the many forces within each of us. Each of these forces has a range of expression from quite destructive to very creative. It is by understanding the nature and relationship of these forces within ourselves that we can begin to take control of how we express these energies. Each of us is a spark of the divine, and through the use of our will power, we can become an active agent in shaping our lives. Together we can explore your inner nature, and seek ways to make your life more fulfilling.

I have been a student of Astrology since the early seventies, and have been a professional astrologer for over twenty five years now. My focus has been and continues to be the natal chart, and all the potential for spiritual growth hidden there. My basic natal chart interpretation, with a quick overview of the upcoming year, takes about an hour to cover, and costs $120. Contact me at to discuss the details of doing your chart reading.

For more understanding of my spiritual orientation, check out our Zaishta Church page.