A Countercultural Eclectic Pagan Center

We are a small extended family of pagan nature lovers. Most of us are in one way or another part of the Rainbow Family Nation that has grown out of the cultural revolution of the late sixties and early seventies. We have spiritual roots in many diverse spiritual paths, from Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, and Wiccan, to Native American, Rastafarian and others. The Church center is an ongoing Nature Tipi Camp, hosted by Reverend Two Eagles. The camp serves as a retreat center for Church members and guests, as a focus for celebrations, ceremonies, and ritual, and as a full time home for Two Eagles. Established in 1982 to give legal protection for the spiritual practices of an already existing family, our Church has served the pagan community of north eastern and north central Washington State for twenty two years now.


We are Pagans. This means that we look to Nature for our Spiritual Inspiration, rather than any particular prophet or book. We know Divinity to be inherent in the manifest world. This means that the Creative Spirit is not something separate from Creation. Rather, Divinity lies at the heart of all Creation, and is in no way separate from Nature manifest. All Creation is alive, divine, and sacred. Creation is an ongoing process, a sacred dance. We use organic models to shape our understanding of the Universe. We honor the diversity of Nature's expressions, in others and in ourselves. We know Love to be the unifying force of Creation. We honor the Feminine aspect of Divinity as Goddess, as well as the masculine aspect as God. We try to live with respect for all Creation, honoring our relationship to all Life. We love, honor, and respect the Living Earth as Mother. We seek to live in balance and harmony with all our relations, all of Life.


We sit in Circles. We sing, dance, and drum. We celebrate Solstices, Equinoxes and the other Sabbats. We pray for healing for ourselves, for each other, for all our relations, and for our Mother Earth. We make love. For most Full Moons, we do Sweat Lodge ritual. We attend Barter Faires, Healing Gatherings, and Herbal Faires. We perform rituals for folks at Life's passages, such as birth, entering adulthood, handfasting and marriage, death. We provide astrological and spiritual counseling. We maintain a clothing optional, spiritually focussed tipi camp for members and guests year around.


After eight years spent in northeastern Washington State, in and around Spokane, we moved in 1990 to the beautiful Okanogan Highlands of north central Washington. Here we have become a part of the Okanogan Highlands Family, a nascent hippie tribe that has been growing here for over thirty years. The small town of Tonasket, located on the Okanogan River, twenty miles south of the Canadian border, serves as a focus for our tribe. For years, I maintained a tipi camp at various places in the Highlands, always with a Sweat Lodge. In the summer of 2000, a wildfire swept up the face of Mt. Hull, where our camp was located, and burned all of the church's material resources except for our truck. For a couple of years following that, I lived on that land, which was owned by Lazarus Long, a sympathetic Adobe programmer. I lived with his mother in the house on the land, and helped parent her four kids. After we parted ways, I moved into a place just a mile out of Tonasket. This two acres in a small older developement is owned by my brother and fellow Zaishta priest Sammy Reese. Due to the closeness of the neighbors, we do not currently have a Sweat Lodge here. We do Sweat irregularily at the home of a sister in the Highlands. And with access to phone and grid power, we are now on the Internet.


If you are interested in contacting us for any of our services, such as Rite of Passage rituals, astrological readings, spiritual counseling, our bookkeeping/accounting services, or if you want to attend one of our Sweat Lodge rituals or other activities, or want to visit, or just want to talk, we can be reached by e-mail at,or by snail mail at Zaishta Church, PO Box 825, Tonasket, WA 98855, or by phone at 509-486-0597.